Few days back during our internal Call, I have asked a question on what you can do as an employee during the corona virus outbreak besides working on my deliverables. I got a answer that one should be safeguard oneself and participate in corporate communication platforms and support local community efforts. Which I thought answers many open questions, but I had a thought on this point. But have you ever thought how best you can help companies during the corona outbreak ? Here are some of the means by which you can be helping your organizations.

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Adopt to new life style: During these scenarios you need to adopt to new lifestyles like working and living in the same place. You may end up working more or you might neglect the work and take things easy. Plan carefully your day as you were in office. Stick to routine with starting your day with exercise and then getting properly dressed up and take a quiet place for our work and spend time with family during non work durations.

Be part of outbreak risk communication: You need to follow basis 3 step outbreak risk communication protocols. Talk, Listen and Manage rumors. You take care of company assets, communication protocols and security.

Adopt to Control measures: It is important for the organizations that you stay fit during the outbreak. Make sure you are following your local government orders on how best to contain the virus. Follow proper protocols while going out for purchasing essentials or talking to people etc.

Listen to community guidance: Experts and authorities suggest measures to address the concerns. Listen to those views carefully both from the organizational leaders as well as from the government agencies. Treat emergency communication as strategic not as a add on communication.

Don’t share rumors: Social platforms are excellent places where people bombarded with loads of information which are true and sometime rumors. Stop from sharing rumors content you are not sure. Stop commenting on the impact levels, drug usages and people/ places going to be impacted or similar patterns. These comments might lead to confusion. Share positive news, optimism and faith to overcome the situation. Don’t comment on the company situation or its impact on employees build optimism to come out of the situation. Build trust.

Show solidarity with your fellow colleagues and friends: These will have impact on social, political and economic sectors. Show support to low income generating people who would be loosing their jobs or daily wages. Show solidarity to them support them during the outbreak. Make sure your are supporting them even during their absence and do not penalize them for their absence during this scenario. Talk to friends / colleagues who feel lonely during this situation and can not cope with being isolated. Have frequent chats with them.

Use company social platforms to share views: Identify the employee community to whom you might be interested to participate. Connect with them build trust and relationship. Share your thoughts and information on a topic of interest or new tools / software or views etc.

If not well visit hospital: if you are not feeling well and have any of the symptoms which you think could be of concern, visit doctors and get yourself tested for the outbreak. Take precautions and isolate yourself from meeting people.

These minimum will keep you going and help organizations a lot in the moment of crisis and prepare yourself for the worst but be optimistic of the situation.




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