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In my last blog, I wrote about how the future might be impacted with the use of digital technologies. I am asked if I can provide couple of examples around technical details on how to manage Service Delivery using these recent technologies. Here’s a overview of the technical examples of Digital technologies namely Robotic Process Automation, AI/ML.

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To give an overview of Service Delivery, it is used to manage how the organizations continue to utlize the services of IT to Run and Maintain their day to day operations. It involves right from logging a defect, Issue prioritization, Issue Resolution, Issue root cause analysis and matrices and optimization of services. Details can be found elsewhere like Wikipedia or ITIL home page.  If you are interested to explore the use of Digital technologies for managing the service delivery, those can be dealt under the following scenarios

  • Automatic Ticket logging using BOTs
  • Intelligent Ticket classification based on key attributes
  • Text Analysis of KBA / Digital assets
  • Event and Stream data analysis to understand the need for system maintenance
  • Digital / Video / Social / Graph analysis to identify the critical team members incase of high impact tickets within the organization

Besides these digital techniques Six Sigma Methodologies along with Statstical analysis can help resolvoing key issues around

  • Performance assessment of Service Providers
  • Process Optmimzation around issue resolution time, first time resolutions and other KPI matrices.

Automatic Ticket Logging using BOTS;

Organizations invest significant number of resources to log a defect when it is identified. Use of dedicted service organizations tickets are logged. Tickets are either logged by End Users directly or they can make use of service desk to log a defect. Use of BOT or RPA based method users can automatically log a defect by interacting with the bot. Using a sequence of iteractive questions system can automatically generate a defect log or automatic format based extraction of information defects can be logged. Various Software area available to manage such requirements.

Intelligent Ticket classification based on Key attributes:

Once a ticket is logged, Service desk goes through a sequence of checks to identify the Ticket nature. Using AI / ML algorithms it is possible to automatically classify a defect. The algorithms like Support Vector Machines or Naïve Bayes classification techniques tickets can be classified into different categories. This needs careful validation and once done properly it results significant cost savings to the organizations.

Text Analysis of KBA and Digital Assets

Once a defect is logged, it needs careful analysis of past patterns of its occurrence. Though issue logs would be available but detailed information around how the defects is handled or relevant literature is more or less unstructured in nature. To analyse such unstructured database algorithms like Text Analysis can be employed. This real time search on the unstructured database will provide very good insight on the nature of the defects and its possible resolution.

Event and Stream analysis to manage system performanage

Regulatory server management and maintenance is of paramount inportance to organizations as non availability of servers might impact the company making organizations to get into disaster recovery mode if can not be restored at the earliest. Use of Stream analytics and event database can be checked on a continuous basis to understand the patterns of server performance and suggestions can be made on possible system maintenance activities.

Social Analysis for identifying the network of Knowledge experts

Use of social analysis or Graph analysis can be adopted in case of exigences or high problematic issues which requires specialized skills to resolve and needed to be managed within the organization. Acyclic Graph analysis can be provide insight into the database showing the network of connected persons and their knowledge links.

Besides these there are many examples of managing the service delivery with latest digital technologies, no doubt real time Digital Assistance within the software comes with impact on system performance and need for separating out the transactions from the non real time support. The current trend in the way by which the hardware/ software and processing power is available it will be no surprise if you find similar features in years to come.

To conclude these Digital technologies along with Six Sigma Process Management techniques for managing the exploratory analysis of defects, performance analysis of service providers and Issue resolution time and how best resolve the ticket with less resolution time will change the way organizations are managing their Service Delivery.



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