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EHS falls under the digital manufacturing suite in the current solution plan. Started with product safety, chemical safety and functionality added over the years. It started off in the year 1995 with the Foundation – chemical safety which over the years moved to health and safety module covering Industrial hygiene and safety, hazardous substance management and occupational health. Subsequently SAP introduced the module Environmental Compliance to manage the permit and environmental management.

After the acquisition of TechniData SAP has revamped many of the legacy products Compliance for Products with enhanced features and released Product Compliance module to meet the REACH, RoHS requirements. In the year 2015 SAP further revamped its sustainability products portfolio with the inclusion of EHSM component for Incident Management, Risk Assessment, Environmental Management, Management of Change and EHS Content as well as Rapid Development scope.

During the current S4HANA improvement SAP has released the compatibility pack covering many of the EHS modules under a broad categories of Environment, health and safety, Product Safety Stewardship Network and Corporate Sustainability. The business suite continued to support all the modules of EHS available right through the year 2015, whereas the S4HANA did not cover some of the modules like SAP EHS Waste Management, SAP EHS Occupational Health and SAP EHS Industrial Hygiene. With the vision of year 2020, SAP has a plan for optimized solution for EHS in S4HANA consisting of Business Integration, Mobile EHS, Business networks, Predictive Analytics and IoT Devices integration with EHS covering a holistic solution.

The Software components of EHS include Product Safety Stewardship consisting of Product marketability and Chemical Compliances, Safety Data sheet and label management, Dangerous Goods management, Information risk management. The Health and Safety component consists of Incident Management, Safety Observation, Chemical approvals and chemical management and operational risk assessment. The new offering which excites me a lot is something around the Connected Worker Safety part which consists of IoT device management, Monitoring and Monitoring data analysis. Some other planned and available innovations include Machine Learning driven Dangerous Goods classification, Automatic Substance group identifications, operational risk management using predictive analytics. 

There is a lot more to unfold with the technological advances we are witnessing be it application of IoT, Big Data, Data Science with S4HANA with use of applications like Leonardo, Cloud and other integration tools. Do  let me know how you feel about the new journey you are about to witness and how you want to prepare yourself.

Thanks – Jak

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  1. Hey jak

    Nice to see you back again. This initiative will definately help us to acquire more insights into technological advancement in EHS area and the supportive videos and training. We indeed needs such platform which is intuitive and where we can easily find relevant reference to the topics.

    Excellent ! thanks

    Ashish Pradhan

  2. Thanks Sir,For sharing valueable information…

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