Another week has passed since we studied a chapter on Organizational Behaviour highlighting the importance of Individual behaviour. Various factors influencing the individual behaviour are studied like how an individual responds to internal and external factors consisting of personal, environmental and organizational factors. It also showed case studies on how and why people with challenging life attributes or those who are economically poor or physically challenging also end up being contented with life and achieve a lot. This broad array of case studies highlighting biological attributes, abilities and values of successful individuals helped us to understand the significance of individual behaviour and how we respond to external stimuli. This topic made me think on the significance of subjective well being post pandemic era. During the pandemic we all witnessed how materialistic factors were put to back door and all tried to live with life basic requirements and tried to be emotionally stable. So, to put the context during this pandemic we all wanted to be happier, satisfied with life and preferred lives with those attributes. However, what is needed in subjective well being is besides becoming happy, joyful and internal sense of being one’s life is good and worthwhile.  

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I have witnessed many stories from my parents, teachers and well-wishers how being happy, satisfied and contented with once life is important – that is life is good, meaningful and worthwhile.  If you try to understand it is not a materialist buying but is a psychological thought and the way, they fell. So, all types of our internal and external factors be it within our houses and on job activities are the factors which define those thoughts and concept of wellbeing. Such subjective wellbeing persons also end up achieving more in ones lives. There are many interesting case studies which highlight its importance on chances of getting ill, money earning potential and life span as well.

Now more and more organizations are working on the topic of organizational or employee wellbeing. Companywide surveys are carried out assessing the wellness index as employee spends significant time in job. Various attributes like nature of the work carried out by the employee, the manner he is treated within the organization, pay scale dictate the concept of subjective wellbeing in an organization. There are also case studies which highlight that employee satisfaction is dictated by the country, its culture attributes and other factors, which I would like to exclude from my current discussion of organization driven subjective wellbeing.  

There are innumerable references which highlight the importance of jobs on one’s sense of being wellbeing. There are references of using job descriptive index to assess the employee wellbeing.   Significant factors which contribute to this feel are nature of the tasks the employee performs within the organization, the way the employee is treated within the organization and other monetary benefits. Some of the attributes which control the well being of task include nature of the tasks performed, the significance of the task within the organization, the freedom employee gets to perform his job etc.

Similarly, while performing the work, various factors like clarity of the role the employee performs, extent of the pressure employee takes while performing the job etc. also define the concept of subjective wellbeing. Other significant factors which I have seen in social platform, which many employees quote while being not satisfied with job include how well they are treated within the organization like how the leaders treat the employee, how his immediate boss treats him or gives opportunities, how frequently he gets the due recognition for the tasks he performs etc. Monetary benefits are long related to employee wellbeing, we witness how employees who gets lesser salary compared to peers both within the organization and those outside the organization like the topic discussed in management theory.

To conclude the topic of subjective well being during post pandemic era also included how the employee treated while being working from home or similar conditions, nature of benefits which were offered to him, nature of work-related flexibilities offered to employees etc., which can be dealt separately in other management topics. There are many open-ended questions which deal with this topic in greater detail like are the attributed mentioned above and subjective wellbeing causally related or how relative are those attributes weightage while developing an index. During the digital transformation or organizational transformation studying employee wellbeing is very important attribute. Before you can create an organization of digital capabilities, you require to assess the emotional wellbeing. subjective wellbeing of its employees.  



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