Regulatory landscape is rapidly changing over the years including the customer expectations and customer’s internal and external regulatory standards. These and many others are imposing costs on the companies manufacturing products in terms of product recalls for failed products which are contaminated with restricted substances or delays in procuring the right quality of material to manufacturing the products and so on. The use of Product Marketability tools will help companies in reducing these barriers and launch products with reduce risk and costs. pexels-photo-954585.jpeg

The competitive advantage lies in rapidly designing products that meet material, global and industry specific compliance requirements. This is the essence of product markeabiltiy of any organizations working in the current landscape. The Product Marketabiity is one of critical aspects for any organizations survive in this competitive landscape. There are varied regulations which requires careful validation of marketability parameters during raw material selection and product validations. There different regulations which require such assessment include REACh, TSCA, DSL/NDSL, ENCS and other chemical inventories. These asessment includes careful assessment of CAS information covering legal requirements in multiple multi-lingual databases to extract meaningful data to manage the chemical compliance.

With the version S4HANA 1808 OP SAP is using the existing SAP Product Compliance features in terms of manging the Product Marketability. Various components of this product Marketability tool right from Assessing the Product Markts and understanding & checking the compliance information for products to managing the raw material compliance to supplier compliance and finally managing substance management.

These broad segments can be elaborated in terms of i) Assessing Product Markets, ii) Checking the compliance information for products iii) Managing the process requests for Logistics iv) Manage Listed Substances v) Manage compliance purposes vi) Activate compliance requirements vii) Manage compliance requirements – Product marketability viii) Unpckaged products ix) Assess compliance requirements for products x) Manage Raw material compliance xi) Assess compliance requirement for raw materials xii) Manage Supplier compliance for Raw materials xiii) Manage Substance compliance and xiv) Assess Compliance requirement for Substances

Using these set of tools companies can Decide which products can be manufactured and sold to which countries, take the requests from the product stewardships for checking the product marketability requests and if it needs checking the additional product markeability checks. Based on the approvals the Product Stewards can requests adding a new country to the list of salable area. Using the available content it is possible to search CAS numbers for regulatory information to meet the needs of the business. These compliances can be managed via group compliance checks and can manage the activation and deactivation of the compliance checks based on the changes in the regulation. Finally based on these module it is possible to Add or delete the compliance requirements, getting an oveview of compliance requirements of products, managing different assessors for the product and carrying out the full assessment. Such compliance assessment can be performed both at product level and at raw material level to ensure the products are meeting the requirements right from the product design to reduce the costs and effort.

This product branding exites as it has lot of scope for innovating to accomadate the complete Product Safety Stewardship requirements to meet non only Marketability regulations, but also restrictions, and Hazard Communication needs to develop a complete SDS authoring with both internal and external SME involvement. The details of one such product scope is blogged by me sometime back.

If you want to learn more about this product I recommend checking the SAP help available and also register for an upcoming event announced by Dr. Stefan Guertzgen on S4HANA Product Compliance.

Thanks – Jak

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