The recent technological innovations are very exciting and show a very promising trend for managing the System Operations on a day to day management of systems. The key Service Delivery is going to be changed by the implementation of digital technologies. Here are few possibilities which might impact the service delivery of ERP systems in years to come.

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Meera Logs into her usual daily activity of checking a Dangerous Goods Check for a customer. She invokes necessary checks and gets into an issue. Immediately she clicks on to the Real Time Assistant which immediately checks the error message ad identifies the possible root cause of missing DG Content and suggests to create a new request for creating the necessary master data. Meera was happy and proceeded to complete her activity. At the sametime Prem wants to check the MSDS shipment and identifies that it is not going through. As usual he clicks onto the real time help assistant and checks for psosible solutions. In this case System offers to browse the KBA articles to check for previous error issues stored in the database. Based on the database, digital assistant shows a list of possible root causes and related issues logged previously.

Prem browsed through the content and is not satisfied with the information and wanted to trigger a defect for System Integrator to look into the defect. He selects create issue on the personal assitant and system automatically logs the issues with the nature of activity performed and outcome and request for resolution. In the same operation Sreema gets a message  in her mobile device that the WWI and EHS Expert systems needs to be managed for possible patch upgrade and system backup activities since there are many issues with the RFC communciation and failed SDS report generation. System checks for the lean report generation time and suggests possible system update timelines. Sreema checks with business and finalizes appropriate timelines for the system to fix the issues and restarting the services as appropriate.

All these things though hypothetical are not far away, with the emeregence of digital techonologies, very fast the way Service Delivery is going to operate is rapidaly changing. More and more automation and digitial solutions are suggested for managing the Run and Maintain services of ERP Applications. The technologies like Robotic Automation, Automatic Bots, Predictive Analytics, Big Data and mobility have huge potential to change the way the Run & Maintain of applications are going to happen in years to come. The scope right from the way a defect is logged , how it is analyzed for possible root cause to the way it is resolved are going to be more automated and more streamlined with lesser involvement of Analyst to manage the issues. Automatic Digital Assistants would be able to manage the logging of defects, identifying the possible root cause based on available internal knowledge database, checking the possible system performance impacts and maintenance schedules and identifying possible resolution methods and triggering real time alerts to key stakeholders to provide confirmation to complete the takks.

Currently there have been discussions around the creation of intelligent enterprises solutions which can carry out many tasks and suggest recommendations like purchas order blocks and their possible resolutiosn etc, which one might have already witnessed in S4HANA, the evolving of these technologies in Run and Maintain space will not allow smoother operations of the systems but will also increase User Experience with system operations.

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