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Sometime back I wrote a blog on Use of AI / ML for managing Incident Management, it has received good response. I have received many requests to know in detail on how to implement the same and details surrounding it and some even requested me to share the source code.

In this current blog and series of upcoming blogs I would like to share some short course on Introduction to Data Science and how it is used for managing the EHS issues. There are many relevant issues which can be solved using AI / ML, be it Descriptive Statistics, Predictive Analysis of incidents / exceptions for air permits or equipment based pollution deviations or even customer / supplier perception of the risks around the products being sold by the organization, automatic classification of dangerous goods based on past history, prediction of product compliance based on source and many more proprietary uses.

I would like to take the example of Incident Management / Risk Assessment to create two separate case studies on how those can be used to manage operational risk in major industries. I am going to use tools like Python or Knime / R & Azure Hope it helps all. I got 90 days free trail access of SAP Cloud Platform wherein I can access Leonardo, IoT, AI / ML platform, I am not sure if i can demo the scenario.

I am providing a Introductory video on Introduction to Data Science for helping those who are not aware of the content surrounding AI / ML. Do share your inputs / comments which help me to prepare content. I do not promise the content to be available immediately but based on my free time I would like to create blog posts  / video sessions on a regular basis.



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