Digital Transformation of EHS – Not a very Short Video

Hello All,

It started some two years back when I started exploring Data Science (Python, R, Azure ML & Knime) to understand the new possibilities for EHS, which I slowly expanded by refreshing my IoT skills, Big Data (Hortonworks / HDInsight) & Cloud skills (AWS & Azure) and Blockchain skills. Then I started exploring various Digital Transformation books like The Digital Transformation Play book by David L Rogers and Leading Digital by HBR. After spending some two years on this topic today I am finally publishing a Not A very short video on “Digital Transformation of EHS”. There is immense possibilities but the challenge lies in how efficiently the organizations embarks into EHS Digital Journey without impacting their existing processes . A solid core that bring efficiency through standardization along quick adjustments on its structure like the ones recommended by Gartner in year 2014 – The BiModal transformation model ensuring stability and agility. Below is a video of – Not a very short presentation on Digital Transformation of EHS. Do take time to revisit at small intervals so that you don’t get overwhelmed with my talk. All most all the topics dealt in the presentation are covered as a separate blog posts – do visit the site if you are seeing for a detailed use case around those topics.


Digital Transformation of EHS – A Prelude to video presentation

Recently a friend of mine told me that their organization is embarking on to the journey of digital transformation. I said wow, what exactly it is doing for which his response was that their implementation of portal system for logging records. Does it quality to be called a digital transformation ? is it so ? Actually, for many, digital transformation is digitization of their processes which can be a mere implementation of IT tools replacing their legacy modes of operation. Indeed digitization does not advocate replacement of legacy applications with new age tools. Rather it advocates tight integration of organization competitive tools which have evolved over years with new age technologies to stream line the user experience and operational excellence. 

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