Android based application for rapid detection of biotic / abiotic stress in Agricultural plants

Some two decades back when my sister, Meera was working for her Doctoral Thesis titled “ Gene Identification and Extraction for Salt Stress in Paddy Plants”, I was super excited with the topic as I knew salt stress tolerant species will help a lot to farmers. It continues to be a hot topic even today given that majority of agricultural lands are susceptible to either drought or salt stress due to both biotic (like Sudden Death Syndrome) and abiotic factors (Iron deficiency Chlorosys).

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Applications of TensorFlow, Soil Moisture and NoIR sensors for Plant Health monitoring

For the past many days my wife has been complaining that her sacred plant (Tulasi – Scientific Name – Ocimum sanctum) is getting dried up due to intense heat. Thanks to urban heating effect. She tried many ways of managing the plant but her busy schedule always hinder in getting real time view of the moisture level and other conditions. I was teased to find a solution to resolve this given that I spend time with IoT and Data Science or Big Data jargons. I tried a variety of tools starting with Moisture sensors, NoIR for NDVI calculation to TensorFlow based image classification to come of with solution.

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Virtual Assistant for Real Time Agricultural Insights – An example using Jasper, Alexa & Google AIY

On Day to day basis farmers needs weather insights as well as storage conditions at various storage units. They need real time insights on different agriculture related information. One of the options is for a tailored virtual assistants which can interact with users and internet sites on a regular basis giving insights. In this blog I tried to give an overview of different virtual assistants which are available both commercially and also open source level and how to develop/tailor one based on user needs.

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Building Games with Sense Hat / Raspberry – PI (IoT), Python and Big Data Technologies – Revisiting Real Time Monitoring of Environmental Parameters

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More than a decade ago I worked on a topic named Real Time Remote Monitoring of Pollution for my Doctoral Thesis. At that time Big Data technologies and advanced sensors were not available. It took sometime to come up with the monitoring system.

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