Managing User needs with Empathy – A Design Thinking way to reduce project failures

Few days back I have read that one of the projects has failed as users were not happy with the outcome of the project and the way they were managing their current processes. It is not just this example, almost some percentage of projects fail in IT as the users do not find the results relevance for the problem initially in their mind. There are challenges with adaptability, its relevance and ROI on IT spends as transformation projects are revolutionary in nature as existing business processes often perceived as company competitive advantage as they have evolved over years. Business sees moving away from these processes pose considerable risk and implementations often met with resistance to change the way the system is designed. In those of scenarios a series of discussions with a user group based on a validated methodology will help understand user perspective to come out with optimum design solution. Design thinking is one such approach, some of the related terms associated with design thinking are user centred design, UX etc.

working in a group
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