Use cases of AI/ML/RPA for managing the Service Delivery

In my last blog, I wrote about how the future might be impacted with the use of digital technologies. I am asked if I can provide couple of examples around technical details on how to manage Service Delivery using these recent technologies. Here’s a overview of the technical examples of Digital technologies namely Robotic Process Automation, AI/ML.

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Digital Age User Experience of Service Delivery

The recent technological innovations are very exciting and show a very promising trend for managing the System Operations on a day to day management of systems. The key Service Delivery is going to be changed by the implementation of digital technologies. Here are few possibilities which might impact the service delivery of ERP systems in years to come.

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Product marketability Assessment to manage Supply Chain Risks and product failures

Regulatory landscape is rapidly changing over the years including the customer expectations and customer’s internal and external regulatory standards. These and many others are imposing costs on the companies manufacturing products in terms of product recalls for failed products which are contaminated with restricted substances or delays in procuring the right quality of material to manufacturing the products and so on.

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