An Example of Social Media Analysis application for managing Product Safety Stewardship

Product manufacturing has a set of desired usages and intended usages. Sometime the list of usages are required to be communicated to regulatory authorities for registration purposes for example REACH. Not all the times product usages follow the intended list and some times user use / abuse the chemical wrongly and it needs careful analysis. Such misuse of chemicals result in health implications for example allergies to exposed area or other issues. User generated content from social media platforms can provide early warning about the product usages and resulting adverse effects if any, and how the product intended uses are managed. Such analysis will help companies plan for the product safety stewardship related management. Whenever group of people discuss about a given product or brand we can retrieve sentiment about the product. By monitoring the exchange of information or conversation in a set of population the adverse effects can be predicted. (more…)

IoT based EHS Applications and an overview on SAP IoT Solution on Connected Worker Safety

In the recent past there has been a rapid change in the platform scale and scope of applications, which has given rise to technology like Internet of Things. IoT represents connecting with systems, people, data and  things. Things include machines, devices, sensors, vehicles etc., The devices that connect to the network in IoT are small or sometimes tiny. Ideally, these devices would be equipped with less powerful computing capabilities, lower memory, and lower battery life, for which the operating systems for IoT are different from the traditional ones for example Brillo. (more…)

Operational Risk Management using SAP Predictive Analytics and SAP EHSM Incident Management

Moving away from paper-based tracking system to automated way of managing it via ERP software is one of the major achievement for many organizations. Mere using the technology to capture the incident information is a normal business as usual practice, effectively harnessing the technology to support risk management is the greatest opportunity for most organizations. Risk Management not only enable the performance but also protect the business. It is found that majority of drivers for operational risk management are technological in nature like Industry 4.0 principles, competitive marketspace and cost-effective data automation.

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A 10 year’s past and future view on SAP EHS: Are You Ready for it ?

A 10 year’s past and future view on SAP EHS: Are You Ready for it ?


The Journey Begins !

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


EHS falls under the digital manufacturing suite in the current solution plan. Started with product safety, chemical safety and functionality added over the years. It started off in the year 1995 with the Foundation – chemical safety which over the years moved to health and safety module covering Industrial hygiene and safety, hazardous substance management and occupational health. Subsequently SAP introduced the module Environmental Compliance to manage the permit and environmental management. (more…)